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Boat Lovers by Angela Platt

Read by Jeremy  & Lindsey

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Moonshine by Anglea Platt


The moon
through chimney-curling smoke
a milk balloon
tied by tv aerial bars
suspended in cold blue.

Intermission birds
encircle, play their winter
games in dying light
as clouds obscure the screen
a deeper shade grisaille.
Naked black-laced branches
signal a watershed divide.

Suddenly, silver Houdini
to a higher sphere,
illusion’s trick.
A solitary observer
eyes skyward not on screen
applauds the moon
who steals the show.

Sophia by Angela Platt

Sophia (meaning ‘wisdom’ in Greek) was carved by sculpture and architectural stone carver Tom Waugh and has watched over the gardens at Gladstone's Library since 2010. Her four stone benches Cariad (Love), Heddwch (Peace), Gwirionedd (Truth), and Cyfiawnder (Justice) - invite the thinker to idle and contemplate a-while. 

After visiting Gladstone’s Library to attend some writing workshops, Angela Platt was inspired to write the below poem about the statue, which we think is a beautiful response. 

A human body grows

from limestone,

carved Kilkenny Blue

by gifted hand.

One shoulder swathed

clothes arm and abdomen,

right breast maternal offering

accessible and true.

White tresses frame

a humble knowingness,

an oval countenance

squarely eyeing world.

Right hand endows a windfall,

a branch of hope and peace

embodied in an olive tree.

A wise and rooted she. 

By Angela Platt, February 2018

Poems & Performance : Work

Poems read by Jon & Nicola    Spring Geometry          Reading The Leaves  presence  Autumn Assent

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Together we are Beautiful

January 20, 2019

Short Documentary

Poems & Performance : Work
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